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The developers :-


These ramblings come from a group of indie developers who just launched a game in Android market and learnt some harsh lessons along the way. We sure haven’t given up and will keep the blog updated about what we’re up to in our secret lab.

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Abhishek Batra :- @abhishekbatra

Rahul Srivastava :- @gemini_rahul

Secret Lab

Apart from making and playing games, indie rock music is also a common interest amongst us and we’re hobbyist musicians ourselves. We work in boring IT companies and do the ‘real’ work when we get free time from them. We’ve published two games in the Android market and working on a few more projects; this blog will keep you posted about them.


We’ll also try to post tutorials whenever we find a solution to a tricky problem, that might be useful to those just starting out with game development.

We’d love to hear from anyone who has just about anything to say. There are various ways to connect with us:
  • Comment on our blog posts
  • Follow us on twitter:  https://twitter.com/rotatingcanvas
  • Email us at: support@rotatingcanvas.com, contact@rotatingcanvas.com
  • Our website : http://www.rotatingcanvas.com

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