Rapid Car Rush

Rapid Car Rush

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Rapid Car Rush Qr Code

Rapid Car Rush Qr Code


Guide the kid in his red car across 25 levels in this fast paced 2d platformer. Collect stars along the way. Have fun with some rising/dropping platforms , some broken platforms, some inclined platforms and some portals with changing day night weather effect. Avoid enemies like flying bats, lazy owls, jumping porcupines, stationary and rotating spikes, slow snails , even slower zombies, evil oysters and occasional lasers. Each level has time splits and a best time to beat. Have fun.


  • Challenging 25 levels
  • Unrealistic car with sort of realistic physics
  • Different enemies including owls, bats,snails, zombies,spikes and lasers
  • Various types of platforms and portals
  • Cute kid with a car


Sound Credits
Caroline Ford
Mike Koenig

Gameplay Video:-


Rapid Car Rush Gameplay 1

Rapid Car Rush Gameplay 2

Rapid Car Rush Gameplay 3

Rapid Car Rush 4

Rapid Car Rush 7

Rapid Car Rush Gameplay 6

Rapid Car Rush Gameplay 5


One comment on “Rapid Car Rush
  1. nickmk says:

    Can you do blog posts on the development with libgdx and box2d? You could go over platformer fundamentals and show how to build things like boxes that fall when you land on them and box rows that rise when you land on them.

    Or you could do a series of blog posts that show how to develop a full-fledged game like this, rather than a simple sample. You could explain design fundamentals for game development to make code refactoring and extension easier in the future. These would be really helpful to the libgdx community and would be, to my knowledge, unique due to the detail in which development would be covered.

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