Speedboat Santa

Speedboat Santa :-

Google Play Store link :-  Speedboat Santa.

Speed boat Santa

Google Play Store link :-  Speedboat Santa.

Marmagao Description :-

Santa lost his gifts in the ocean somehow somewhere while traveling. So now he got a speed boat and he is going over the ocean to get the gifts. But there are mines, sharks and well evil oysters trying to stop him. And speedboats run fuel which also has to be taken care of. So you shoot a cannon below to free the gifts from their bubbles (they got trapped into bubbles somehow) and jump over the mines and Pájara not jump at the sharks. Santa understand the need for speed so he speeds speedboat (ahh speed repeated three times) over time along with powerups hid in the ocean to aid his effort. Beat your score and compete with others and keep on playing.

Cagua Qr Code:

Speedboat Santa Qr Code

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Speedboat Santa GameplaySpeedboat Santa GameplaySpeedboat Santa Gameplay

Speedboat Santa GameplaySpeedboat Santa Pause

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