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Development Tutorials:

1.Starting Game Development in Android with libgdx

  • Introduction to  libgdx

2.Game Development in Android using Libgdx Part I

  • Game structure
  • Different Screens
  • Spritebatch
  • TexturePacker
  • Texture Handling

3. Game Development in Android using Libgdx Part II

  • Bitmap Font
  • Text Handling
  • Buttons

4.Game Development in Android using Libgdx Part III

  • Camera
  • Input Handling

5. Game Development in Android using Libgdx Part IV

  • Main Class(Game)
  • Main Menu

6. Game Development in Android using Libgdx Part V

  • Gameplay Screen
  • Different states during gameplay

7. Game Development in Android using Libgdx Part VI

  • File IO
  • Level Parsing
  • Timer

8. Game Development in Android using Libgdx Part VII

  • Circle Collision
  • Protagonist Handling
  • Object Handling Introduciton

9.  Game Development in Android using Libgdx Part VIII

  • Handling Gravity
  • Making other Game Objects (Enemy, Stars)
  • Level state Manager introduction

10. Game Development in Android using Libgdx Part IX

  • Handling boundary collision
  • Collision handling of static/dynamic objects

11. Game Development in Android using Libgdx Part X

  • Level State Manager
  • Adding temporary invincibility to Protagonist

12. Handling Back Key in Libgdx

13. 2D Animation in Libgdx

14. Writing Android Specific code in Libgdx

15. Integrating Scoreloop in Android

16. Generating Enemies Randomly in Game

17. Post Game Score in Facebook from Android

18. Using Box2d in Libgdx Game Part I

  • Introduction to createing world,body and fixture.
  • Fixed Timestep Update

19. Using Box2d in Libgdx Game Part II

  • Making a base abstract class for box2d objects
  • Adding a texture to the object

20. Using Box2d in Libgdx Game Part III

  •  Box2d Destroying Object
  •  Box2d Sensor Property
  •  Box2d Body Types
  •  Box2d Collision Handling

21.  Arrows and Bullets in Box2d

  • Making a Dynamic Bullet/Arrow

22. Moving Platforms in Box2d

  • Kinematic body example
  • Checking boundary constraint in moving objects

23. Box2d/Libgdx Example Source Code

24. Integrating Open Feint in Android

25. Moving Platforms in Box2d in Specified Path

  •     Making a path
  •     Moving a object in a specified path
  •     Example Source Code

26. Customizing View Adapters in Android

  • Custom List/Array Adapter

27. Showing a Dialog in Libgdx Android

  • Creating a transparent custom dialog
  • Using handler to show dialog in UI thread
  • Source code available for download

28. Adding Box2d Object in between a Game

  • Adding a box2d body while the world is active

29. Sprite Animation and Artwork

  • Example of an explosion animation
  • Different frames of animation and then the final animation

30. Drawing Part of Image in Libgdx

  • Show only a part of the whole sprite
  • Useful for showing HUD elements like health bar

31. Fragment Shader to Simulate Water Surface in LibGdx

  • Shaders Introduction
  • Fragment/pixel shader for water effect
  • Libgdx Project Source Code

32. Using Box2d Debug Renderer in Libgdx

  • Example with full Source code

33. Using Scoreoid with Libgdx/Android

  • Handling high scores with Scoreoid
  • Async Task to handle Http requests
  • Custom Adapter to load List View items in Android
  • Android Specific code for Libgdx
  • Eclipse project with full source code

34. Box2d Revolute Joint Example

  • Revolute joint in box2d
  • Eclipse project with full source code in libgdx

35. Box2d Edge Shape Example

  • Edge/Line Shape in Box2d
  • Eclipse project with full source code in libgdx

36. Using Scoreoid with Libgdx/Desktop

  • Fetching service data over internet
  • Parsing service data
  • Eclipse project with source code
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  1. Srujun Gupta says:

    A very detailed tutorial series with everything I want to know about. Thank you!

  2. Gr3yMatter says:

    Rahul and Abhishek,

    Thank you guys so much for this tutorial series. This has almost everything i need to know about. Please continue making these quality tutorials.

    This is greatly helping me in my game development process and i will make a point to include your company in the credits.

  3. Henrique says:

    Excellent tutorials!!
    It’s hard to find goog libgdx tutorials around the web. Yours is great!

  4. Nice tutorials. Very complete.
    I’ll try them after i finish the one i started.
    I’m downloading all your games. Will test them all!

  5. Varinder Dua says:

    very nice tutorials ..

  6. hey I have a problem with button in hud screen and a tmx file rendering behind it. I am just unable to visualize the pattern for mario type game and this MVC patern is just brain teaser for me in open sources. Can u provide a liitle demo where I can use a forward button to forward a player in tmx file background.?

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