This is a simple game based on gravity which uses realistic physics and you collect points in a space themed environment. It uses the open source game libraries libgdx and box2d.


  • Addictive gameplay with realistic physics.
  • Different enemies and power ups
  • Maintains both LOCAL and GLOBAL SCORES.
  • Share your best scores with friends in FACEBOOK,TWITTER

You have to guide the Neon mothership by tapping near it to attract and control. But be careful not to tap on it.

Collect stars for points and avoid the enemies.

Break your best scores and compete with players globally.

Here is the link to the game’s android market page here.
You can also download it from SlideMe here.
If you would like to use the QR code:

QR code for Android Market link

Some Screenshots:

Polar GamePlay1Polar Gameplay2

Polar Gameplay3
For more information see our other blog post.

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