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Moving Platforms in Box2d in a Specified Path

Hi, In one of the previous post we moved a platform from a point A to point B and then back to point A and so on. In this post we would expand on it and move it in specific

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Integrating Open Feint in Android

Hi, In one of the previous post we had mentioned how to integrate Scoreloop in Android. This time we would be talking about integrating Open Feint as in our game Balloon Shooter we had used open feint for global scoreboard.

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Box2d/Libgdx Example Code

Hi, We are uploading source code of a simple box2d-libgdx example. Here is the FileĀ In the attachment you would find three projects :- BoxLibgdxExample BoxLibgdxExample-desktop BoxLibgdxExample-android UPDATE :- The example now contains box2d debug renderer also which can be used

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Moving Platforms in box2d

Hi, In this post we would me making moving platforms in box2d. In most of the games especially platformers we have these moving objects which would go on a specific direction for a fixed distance and come back. A Static

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Arrows And Bullets in Box2d

Hi, This will be a small post in which we would make a bullet or a projectile which can be added to a game. Most of the games have some sort of ranged weapon or an enemy having ranged weapons

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Using Box2d in Libgdx Game Part III

Hi, In this post we would make a box2d object manager to handle creation/deletion of objects. First we would make some changes in the BaseBoxObject class made in the last post to add option of deleting an object from the

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Using Box2d in Libgdx Game Part II

Hi, In our last post we used box2d to make a body and attach a fixture to it. Then wrote fixed step update function to update the box2d physics in the game. Now we would attach a texture to the

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Using Box2d in Libgdx Game Part I

Hello Everyone, Over the course of the next few weeks we would be covering the topic of using Box2d for physics in your libgdx app/game. In our recently released Android Game – Balloon Shooter we used Box2d for all the

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Generating Enemies Randomly In Game

In this post we would be focusing on adding game objects automatically in random positions to make high score/infinite mode similar to the one in Polar. Grid: To start off we make a Grid, i.e. we divide the playable screen

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