New Android Game – Tap Shoot Zombie!


We have released our fourth game for Android in Google Play Store- Tap Shoot Zombie!. Here is the link.

Tap Shoot Zombie

Qr Code:

Tap Shoot Zombie QR

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Shoot zombies in this simple fun game. One touch control, just tap to shoot. Gather points. Unlock guns. Upgrade Guns. Make combos. Share your score with friends and compete globally. Have fun.

Easy controls.
Four different guns to choose from including a shotgun.
Uses scoreoid to handle global scores.
Options to upgrade guns.
Addictive game.

Box2d for cool fun physics
For Sounds:
* Mike Koenig
* Amanda

where to buy Clomiphene online Gameplay video:- Screenshots:

Tap Shoot Zombie - Gameplay Tap Shoot Zombie - GameplayTap Shoot Zombie - Gameplay (Bow)Tap Shoot Zombie - Gameplay (Shotgun)Tap Shoot Zombie - MenuTap Shoot Zombie - Gameplay

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