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Google Play Lens for Ubuntu

We do some of our work on Ubuntu and we love the Unity interface. We thought it’ll be useful to have a Unity lens to enable searching for apps from the Dash and we created one. You can get it

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Polar downloads cross 4000!

It feels great to share with everyone that our first game, Polar, has crossed 4000 in downloads in Google Play Store. Thanks to all the gamers who appreciate our crazy games. Even though the number is still a modest one,

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Customizing View Adapters in Android

This tutorial is a more general tutorial, focussing on an Android UI aspect that can be used in games as well as other apps. View Adapters are a useful feature which allow us to reuse UI skeletons. The official Android

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Balloon shooter review

We want to share a small news. Balloon shooter got reviewed by willshyre on the site DroidIdol. Score: 72/100 Here is a link to the review.We encourage you to comment on and share that page while we would try to improve

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We’re here, somewhere.

Things haven’t been particularly definable in the last month, since we jumped onto the Android game development wave. We haven’t been more unsure of anything ever before this and haven’t been as focused before this either.  We released our first game – Polar

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