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New Android Game – Turtle Leap

Hi, We have published a new 2d endless platformer in Google Play Store. Try it out its free. Here is the link. If you like fishing you may be interesting in the info from https://www.modernaustralian.com/lifestyle/13466-how-to-choose-the-best-fishing-backup-tackle-box. Download :- Gameplay Video:

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Tap Shoot Zombie Featured in IndieGameHQ

Hi! We wanted to share a small update with you all. A few days ago our new game Tap Shoot Zombie was featured in IndieGameHQ which is a great site featuring many independent games. You should check out the site

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New Android Game – Tap Shoot Zombie!

Hi, We have released our fourth game for Android in Google Play Store- Tap Shoot Zombie!. Here is the link. Qr Code: If you would like to earn money while playing at vipcasinosites.com you will find a lot of options

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New Game For Android Market – Choozak

Hi, We have released a new Puzzle Game in Android Market – “Choozak” pronounced “Choozak“. Description:- Guide choozak, our hero, the egg with a helmet into its nest. There are some evil, dastardly, out of context enemies trying to stop

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Balloon shooter review

We want to share a small news. Balloon shooter got reviewed by willshyre on the site DroidIdol. Score: 72/100 Here is a link to the review.We encourage you to comment on and share that page while we would try to improve

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Integrating Scoreloop in Libgdx Android

In this post we would be talking about integrating scoreloop in libgdx. We would be assuming that you have created a Scoreloop account and have added a game for which you would have the SECRET String provided by Scoreloop. It

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Writing Android Specific Code in Libgdx

There are some parts of the code which you would want to run in the android version but not in the desktop version of your game/app like adding ads, integrating scoring libraries like (OpenFeint, Scoreloop etc). It really simple to

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2d Animation in Libgdx

In this post we will cover how to make a 2d Animation for a sprite. Firstly we will need different sprites which would constitute the animation. Lets take for example we have 3 images Animation1.png, Animation2.png and Animation3.png. First we

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Handling Back Key in Libgdx

This would be a really quick post for handling the back key in android. Back key, if not handled, would mostly exit the application which is its intended purpose but sometimes there is need to give the user a warning popup

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Game Development in Android using Libgdx Part X

In this tutorial we will be updating the different game states depending on time/enemy collision/star collections. We will edit the LevelManager class to handle changes. LevelManager.java public class LevelManager{       //………..       public Boolean IsPaused;  

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